Proudly Serving Great Neighbourhoods since 1989.

Our Menu

Every day and night Gabby’s offers unique in-house specials.. We are committed to providing fresh honest, local food, always cooked to order. Whenever possible we try to source our food from Ontario or Canadian producers and farmers. We are a family run business since 1989.

Please note these prices and draft are based on the majority of locations, but pricing does vary from location to location.

Because all of our Gabby’s locations are in unique and diverse areas, location menus may vary slightly in relation to the community that they are in. Please note these prices are based on the majority of locations but do vary from location to location. We are NOT a nut free or Gluten free operation. Our gluten-free items have been established to accommodate an increased demand for gluten-free diets. Please be aware that Gabby’s restaurants are not gluten-free establishments and, therefore cross-contamination may occur. Guests are encouraged to consider this information when ordering.

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