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Prime Location Franchise Opportunities

Current locations are available – For more information call 416.967.9671 or email

An important to note when looking at a franchise business:

Is the company you are getting into business with “in” the restaurant business OR the franchise business: do they own a good number of corporate locations? Do they plan to continue to open new corporate locations? If not, why? Did they start as operators and continue to operate their own locations? We started as a family business and we continue to own, open and operate our own corporate locations… Why? Because we believe in our brand and see benefit in ownership not just franchising.

We offer selective locations typically outside the downtown core for franchise opportunity.

We deal with the same issues and market trends as our franchisees; we are in the same business… not with just one or two corporate locations.

The advantages of franchising…

Risk Management: You have worked hard for the equity that you are about to invest in a business. Statistics across North America confirm that 95% of franchises succeed; only 25% of independent businesses succeed. Your investment is safer within a proven franchise system. All Gabby’s restaurants, established to date, are financially successful.

Training/Support/Ongoing Assistance: Training and ongoing support for franchisees ensures maximum efficiencies are utilized in the management and operations of your restaurant. Our leadership and proven system will insure that you are running your business for the highest achievable return on your investment. This is achievable through maintaining the lowest possible cost of sales while maximizing and increasing overall sales.

Collective Buying Power: Buying goods and products at best possible prices reduce the cost of doing business. This also generates higher profitability for your business. Take advantage of collective buying and contracts for price protections on many products we use.

Trademarks: Today’s customers are looking for identifiable names they are familiar with. The building and development of a brand name also fortifies the value of your business enterprise.

Research and Development: We are always looking at ways to improve upon our business format success and continually working at new and innovative ways to keep customer loyalty, promote new customers to our restaurants and maximize profits for our franchisees.

Being Your Own Boss: Franchising allows you to feel the pride of owning your own business and yet not having to be alone. Knowing that head office resources will always keep you on track for financial success is a key asset and strength to add to your team.


Gabby’s combines all the best benefits of franchising, and at the same time, you own your business!

Location: Site selection is one of the significant keys to success. We have the experience to find and negotiate the best possible terms for your restaurant’s success.

Restaurant Build Out: All Gabby’s restaurants will have a uniform appearance, ambiance and structure to ensure maximum efficiency for the flow of high volume sales and service.

Start-Up: Our operations team will oversee the complete set-up of your restaurant and provide on-site support prior to and after your opening.

Training: Formal training programs are held at one of our corporate restaurants. The owner/operator(s) and staff will be trained according to our high standards. Your staff will be assessed and tested during training to ensure that they are in compliance with your success.

Manuals: Operations, Food Preparations, Standards, Policies and Procedures and practical information can be found in our comprehensive owner/operator and staff training manuals.

Advertising: One percent (1%) of gross sales are allocated toward local and regional advertising. Head Office has developed all materials necessary for promotions, ads and campaigns for the franchisee. The local and regional advertising fund will be run as a co-operative encompassing both franchisees and Head Office.

Foolproof Accounting/Audit System: We have a proven accounting system that is designed to keep you well informed on day-to-day results, yet is user friendly to keep you available to meet with your customers and monitor staff.

Special Events/Promotions Planning: Gabby’s has many corporate events planned throughout the year for your customers’ participation and enjoyment. We will also show you how to promote and prepare for customers who want to have a special/group event held at your restaurant.

Webpage & Social Media Marketing: At no additional expense to you, Gabby’s has designed a web page, with micro-sites for each Gabby’s location, so that each franchisee will be able to post restaurant specials and notices for your customers. We will be able to keep customers conveniently informed about what’s going on at your restaurant. In addition, Gabby’s also has a corporate social media marketing strategy that helps promote the Gabby’s brand and drives customers to our restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the menu and food products offered in my restaurant change?

Yes. From time to time, menus will be modified at no additional cost to the franchisee to reflect current market trends.

What is the franchise fee?

Our franchise fee is $25,000 and is excellent investment value. Other fast food/restaurant chains charge as much as $75,000 for the franchise fee alone.

What is the royalty rate?

Four percent (4%) of Net Sales paid every second week. Our royalty fees should be viewed as an ongoing, investment for the continued financial and management success of your business.

Is there an advertising fee?

One percent (1%) of your net sales are allocated toward local advertising, promotions and marketing programs.

Is there a guaranteed territory?

Yes. The territory is written into the Franchise Agreement.

Has there ever been a store closure due to failed operations at Gabby’s

Proudly NO…

Can I sell my Gabby’s restaurant?

Yes. Procedures to sell are in the Franchise Agreement.

Is food or retail experience required to operate a Gabby’s restaurant?

No. We believe that the most important attributes for success are having a positive attitude, you enjoy managing and meeting people in a service environment and be willing to learn.

What return on my investment can I expect?

The return on your investment, as a full-time owner/operator, is very high when compared to other food, restaurant/bar, franchised concepts. (See investment information.)

What are the required hours of operation?

Your hours of operation may vary in your location and specific community needs. Normally, Gabby’s Restaurants are open a minimum of 98 hours per week.

Will Gabby’s allow 2 or more owners (partnership) of a single unit?

Yes, we will allow partnerships. Each partner would fill out a separate application and each would be individually approved, then the owners would form a company that would own the single unit.